5th Grade P.L.U.S. (People, Learning, Understanding, Searching) (Period Thurs.) Assignments

Karen Kauffman
2020-2021 School Year
Talented & Gifted
The 5th grade P.L.U.S. class meets in a classroom at Van Allen Elementary and meets for the entire day on Thursdays.  The students are bussed to and from their regular buildings.

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The students are working on building a Weebly website for our wolf/dog unit and it is due by the end of the 3rd quarter.  They will need some time at home to work on the website.  This site is password protected and no one can find their site without having the URL or the password. The students are using the website to practice a way of communicating information that is different from writing a paper.  They are still working on organizing their information by practicing writing an outline as well as researching.  Our media instructor, Mrs. Garchik came to our class to talk with the students about the difference of using data bases vs. Google to find information.